Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Obamacare vs. the Constitution The President continues to push his liberal agenda.
Romney Without a Cause GOP Conservatives continue to question Romney.
Two Hearings Next Week On Malloy's Education Bill Tuesday's and Wednesday's agendas include teacher tenure, evaluations, school financing and low-performing schools
Republicans Are Unprotected on Contraception GOP Party Leadership is Trying to Be Unifed on the Latest Controversial Issue

Our CT GYP - Grand Young Party

Letter To All:

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Fellow Republicans:

The goal of our organization is to bring younger people back into the party. Too many people right now feel left out or shunned by “The Party” as it seeks to find a defining message. We need to include everyone that thinks the government is not the answer to all of our problems. Those that do not believe the roll of the government is to run our companies and plan our economy or to manage all of the other aspects of our private lives.

This is the defining question of our day, and one that we need to not only answer, but prove to those that aren’t sure. By our example we can show that the best way to bring about positive change is for those of us that have a stake in our communities to come together and work for it. We know what we need and what we don’t better than politicians in Washington, for every city and district is different, and each has unique needs. The government must encourage us to make our cities and communities better and get out of the way.

We welcome all, and we look forward to many a spirited debate and discussion about all of the other issues we face, but most important right now is bringing back the sense of personal responsibility that made this country great, and that means removing the heavy hand of government from our daily lives.

Together we can and we will set this example starting right here in our city. We will do more than debate and discuss. More than protest and complain. We will find ways to reach out into our communities and show everyone the best and most efficient way to get things done. We will work to help solve the biggest issues we as a community face, we will meet and work with those seeking elected office to bring this change about. Most importantly, we will ensure that all of our voices are heard by the party, we will take our message and example to all of those that either set policy, or seek to do so.

I look forward to working and meeting all of you and hope that you engage actively with us and this site. Please contact me with any questions or ideas and make sure that your voice is heard.

Thank you,

Chris Meek

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